It’s time for gifts ! Offer a beautiful getaway to the Ermitage du Rebberg

Christmas, the privileged moment to forget the constraints and start dreaming of a parenthesis of calm and relaxation.

This year, drop off at the foot of the Christmas tree, to those you love, a nice surprise… a nature getaway for as soon as the good weather comes back to the Ermitage du Rebberg. Its location in the first foothills of the Vosges, yet close to Strasbourg makes it the ideal place to relax.


Hello Autumn !

After summer, the Ermitage du Rebberg takes on shimmering colors mixing red with gold.

Nature is brilliant. It is the ideal time to indulge in beautiful escapades : to attack the fortified castles that emerge from the flamboyant forests like sentinels, to marvel at the beauty of the landscapes of the vineyard and to take a break on the Wine Route or more simply, take an invigorating stroll in the Park and Forest of the Ermitage du Rebberg by walking through its shaded alleys with the scent of undergrowth and take the time to raise your eyes and look around you, and above you, the beauty of what surrounds you in the calm of a protected nature.

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An unforgettable Christmas

With sparkling lights, a friendly atmosphere, the gentle fragrance of spices and cinnamon, not to mention the towns and villages putting up their decorations, in Alsace you can experience Christmas like nowhere else. A time for sharing these ancient traditions, Christmas weaves its magic all over Alsace. In addition to keeping the rituals and traditions alive, you can enjoy the simple pleasure of getting together and admiring the splendour of the decorations in a friendly atmosphere, the likes of which you will find nowhere else on earth. From late November onwards, Christmas markets, songs, fairy tales and legends bring the region to life as the finest of the year’s holidays approaches.

This is the moment to enjoy an Alsatian escapade and discover the charm of the luxurious Bed and Breakfast of the Ermitage du Rebberg. The comfort of this mansion, ideally located in a park of 12 hectares, totally secure, you will combine harmoniously calm, relaxation and visits to the Christmas Markets.

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