Spring in Alsace is beautiful. Nature is reborn, storks are back, parks and gardens are adorned with multicolored flower carpets, tulips, primroses, crocus …  The vineyard landscapes are dotted with pink cherry trees and white apple trees whose sumptuous petals come to strew the ground, at the slightest breath of wind.

Spring in Alsace,  it is also the time of the Spring Markets, the Easter Hare which brings the eggs in chocolate and “Lammele”, biscuit in the shape of a lamb which makes the children happy.

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Tonic winter activities in Alsace


Winter sports lovers, Alsace is waiting for you! Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, tobogganing, sleigh rides or snowshoeing, practice, at your own pace,  many outdoor activities to enjoy the winter season!


After a day of sports sharing with nature, enjoy “comfort and relaxation” at the Ermitage du Rebberg.

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