The ground-floor Villa

The entry Hall

After having crossed the vast reception terrace, which serves the swimming pool and the gazebo, where it is good to stop for a few moments, you will arrive in the entrance hall with the impressive ceiling height of 3.40m. You will walk on a Terrazzo floor, a mixture of fragments of colored and polished marble, a specialty of the Venice region. The walls are clad in cherry wood and large panels of fabrics stretched in light linen and silk. In the middle stands the billiard table, which can be converted into two versions, the French and the American. The wall lights in gilded brass are in the Louis XV style. It serves on the left, the library lounge and on the right, the breakfast room.

The Atrium

As an extension of the entrance hall, the Atrium, whose large bay windows overlook the courtyard of La Villa. A very comfortable living room in English green leather, placed on the Terrazzo, surrounds the imposing granite fireplace and its cherry blazon. In the continuation, a tawny leather surface. The surround sound installation is discreetly arranged around the living room. You will be able to listen to the music of your choice.

The breakfast room

The buffet breakfast will be served to you individually in this large room with century-old oak floors, surrounded by natural pear wood paneling and large fabric panels. The door leading to the kitchen corridor is made in Alsatian style with old glazing separated by brass grilles.

The library living-room

Directoire style entirely wooded with cherry, richly endowed with luxury editions and a magnificent Daum animal collection. You can taste the comfort of the living room in light bufflon and if you are a musician, indulge your passion on a 3/4 tail Pleyel piano, in mahogany, manufactured in 1932.

The family dining-room

Reserved for family gatherings, it opens onto the large veranda, 50 m², which overlooks the backyard of La Villa and the surrounding park. The dining room is completely covered, on the ground, in old oak floor with the ceiling covered with beams, cherry wood paneling decorated with wooden sculptures. Covering a very large tapestry of high wool, a massive table can accommodate, in all conviviality, up to 18 people. Along one wall, an antique chest of drawers, richly carved and covered in marble, houses a collection of glass and crystal decanters.

The Alsacian stub

Intimate and friendly place par excellence, smaller in size, it is covered with Vosges fir in the style of the 17th century, from the floor to the coffered ceiling. Made up of a rosette of beams, decorated with period motifs, in Indian ink, stamped with ox blood, as was done in the past to eliminate flies, it receives, in its center, to respect tradition , a proverb: “Guet esse und trenke hebt lieb und Seel zamme” (eating well and drinking well keep body and soul together). Various traditional objects decorate it. A clock, a traditional crockery cabinet, a large table surrounded by a bench and Alsatian chairs. Two Spindler inlays illustrate the walls. And the essential Alsatian Karreloffe from 1898 diffuses its gentle warmth. Golden brass wall lights give the whole a typically Alsatian atmosphere.

The veranda

The large veranda, 50 m², overlooks the backyard of La Villa and the surrounding park. It hosts the winter lounge which replaces the neighboring terrace when the weather no longer permits. Heated tiles keep the temperature at the right level and a high wool Chinese rug adds to the comfort of guests when the weather is bad.